Gluten 100g

100 Grams
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  • Gluten gives traditional baked goods structure when dough or batter is baked
  • The gluten structure helps stretches to contain the gasses, this is leaving the baked goods
  • A strong gluten will produce baked goods with a lot of chew and a sturdy structure
  • Think gluten as a miraculous net that holds the structure in baked goods
  • It helps dough rise by trapping air bubbles during fermentation and gives baked goods a unique texture

Sandwich bread



  • 250g       Flour
  • 2.5g        Gluten powder
  • 10g         Sugar
  • 7.5          Fresh yeast or 4g dry yeast
  • 5g           Salt  
  • 150ml     Water
  • 10g         Fat                                                              


  1. Sieve the flour and Gluten powder together arrange it in the bowl. Take another two small cups,  in one cup add yeast with sugar, and salt in another cup.
  2. Measure 150ml of water, pour 25ml into yeast and sugar cup rest it for 2 to 3min to develop, 25ml into salt cup remaining  water add to maida start mixing 
  3. Now add yeast and sugar water then saltwater continue mixing,
  4. Add fat or unsalted butter mix thoroughly,
  5. Transfer dough on the table start kneading till smooth and pliable dough,
  6. Rest the dough for 5min,[it produce carbon dioxide dough rises]
  7. Take rested dough knockback,[tap the dough] take 450g to do molding[shaping] put in the greased bread mold, keep it for proofing about 50to 60min, [depending upon climate condition the proofing  timing may vary in summer and winter]
  8. Preheat oven for  2000
  9. Bake it for25| 30min 
  10. Remove from oven de-mold after 8 to 10min and keep it for cooling,